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Metro system in Dubai from BackPacker Dubai Hostel

One of the best way of public transport in Dubai is a metro. There are green and red line and they crossed at Burjuman station. Our hostel in Dubai situated exactly naerby to this station! You need to check map of the train system in Dubai to unterstand which line you have to follow. The red line is a link between Dubai Airport and Ibn Battuta Mall. The whole way by red line will take around one hour.

There are some suggestions from BackPacker Dubai Hostels for our visitors:

1. There are 47 station in Dubai. Nine of them is underground. The whole metro syste, in Dubai working automatically, but you dont need to be scared that there is no driver in the first train.

2. You can buy ticket for metro in ticket office which is located in the each station. Or even you can purchase in ticket machine. Before you will enter train station you need to swipe this card on the check line. One way joyrney will cost from 1.80 to 5.80 dirhams (USD 0.50-1.60). To buy ticket you can use credit card as well.

3. Each train in Dubai consist of 5 vagons. One of the called Gold class. One more of them can be used only for ladies and kids. The rest of train cold Silver, but it almost the same facilities, so its doesnt make a sence to pay extra for Gold class.

4. There is no driver in the first coach, so all tourist are exsiting to sit there and enjoy awesome views of Dubai. And its really good expirience.

5. Most of the stations looks like modern buildings and generally they have names of any Goverment authorities or shoping malls. Sometimes names of the stations sound so similar, so you need to control which one is yourth.

6. Friday in UAE is a praying day thats why metro work from 10am.

7. There are some restrictions in the train like you cannt drink coffee and water, you cannt eat food and of course smoking is not allowed in the metro.

Trains in Dubai are working from 5.30 am (exept Friday). On the most popular red line where located best hostel in Dubai in the most busy time trains will leave every 3 minutes 45 seconds. At other time every 7 minutes. In Dubai like in all aother counties old people, pregnant women have preference to sit in the train.

Article been written by Mickael Jefferson from BackPacker Hostel Dubai.

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