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BackPacker 16 Hostel in Tecom


Backpacker 16 is a comfortable and cheap hostel in Dubai, located in the central part of the city, only 450 meters away from metro within a walking distance to many must-visit places.

The accommodation includes 4, 6, 8-bed and 10-bed sharing rooms for males and females + mixed type. You can use a well-equipped kitchen, laundry, iron, hair dryer and fast free Wi-Fi. Feel free to relax at the rooftop swimming pool and sauna or go to the gym to work out. All the rooms come with wooden beds, air conditioner, common wardrobe, personal lockers and daily cleaning. Every bed space is equipped with power sockets, a reading light and privacy curtains, creating personal space in a busy dorm.

We have a 24-hour reception with knowledgeable and helpful staff who do the best to make your stay enjoyable!

Backpacker 16 is the best hostel in Dubai for students, big groups, backpackers and business travelers. Everyone will feel here at home. Don't hesitate to book a place and join us!

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Backpacker 16 Hostel
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Recent Traveler Review:
  • Nov 28, 2018: “I visited this hostel. This hostel is best to spend the vacations and if anyone come to find the job in Dubai. It is cheaper than another hostels. It's staff is good and behaving with good manners like give the homely environment.” more
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Kitchen of Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai


Swimming pool of Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Swimming pool

Balcony of Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel


Gym of Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel




Common area / Chill zone

Common area / Chill zone

Free Breakfast Free Wi-Fi in Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai 2 min to metro station from Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel Lockers in Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai Parking in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel Air Conditioner in Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai Towels and Bed Linen in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel Personal plug with adaptor in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel
Free Breakfast Free Wi-Fi 2 min to metro station Lockers Parking Air Conditioner Towels and Bed Linen Personal plug with adaptor

Backpacker16 is a fully furnished cheap hostel in Dubai with well — equipped kitchens, clean spacious bathrooms, laundry service, private parking and fast Wi-Fi. Each guest has an access to the rooftop swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym, Xbox and play station zone absolutely for free. Every morning we cook homemade breakfast with hot and cold dishes. All the rooms equipped with bunk beds, comfortable mattresses, fresh clean bed linen, central air conditioning, balconies, personal lockers for keeping valuable things and many times daily cleaning. The beds are equipped with power sockets, reading lights and beds’ curtains to make some privacy in a sharing dorm. An iron and a hair dryer are also available upon a request.

There is a 24-hour reception desk where you can find a manager who is ready to help you and provide a high-quality service. A common sitting area gathers people from different countries and let them enjoy unique friendly atmosphere of the hostel. We are modern and lively place, but you can easily find some silent area to work or study here.

Thank you for choosing Backpacker16 Hostel!


Household appliances

  • Washing Machine
  • Drying Machine
  • Iron
  • Hairdryer
  • Microwave
  • Cooking Plate

Facilities in each room

  • Cooking Ware
  • Space to work with a laptop
  • Personal Lockers. Wardrobe
  • Luggage space under each bed
  • Food and drink delivery
  • Ironing table


  • Sofas in lobby to chill
  • Anytime access to bed space
  • Elevator
  • Watchman in the building
  • 24/7 security

Facilities nearly

  • Laundry
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Fax/printing office
  • Grocery store
  • Pharmacy

Help Desk

  • Desert Safari in Dubai
  • 24/7 check in

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Russian

Entertainment nearly

  • 6 night clubs
  • 24/7 fast food
  • 14 bars
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4-bed Male Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

4-bed Male Dormitory

4-bed Mixed Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

4-bed Mixed Dormitory

6-bed Female Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

6-bed Female Dormitory

6-bed Male Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

6-bed Male Dormitory

6-bed Mixed Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

6-bed Mixed Dormitory

8-bed Mixed Dormitory in hostel Backpacker 16 Dubai

8-bed Mixed Dormitory


In all rooms of BackPacker 16 Hostel we provide:
Free Wi-Fi in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel 2 min to metro station from Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai Lockers in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel Air Conditioner in Backpacker 16 Dubai hostel Towels and Bed Linen in Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai Cleaning in Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai
Free Wi-Fi, Personal plug with international adaptor. Locker. Air Conditioner. Towel and bed Linen, Everyday cleaning


Full adress:
Dubai, Tecom, Al Barsha,
Building name: Capitol Tower
(between Media Rotana and Grand Millennium Hotels),
1st floor, Apartment 101
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How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - First step

From exit #1 of Dubai Internet City metro station follow the direction as it showing on the photo.

How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - Second step

Once you will reach roundabout cross the road and than follow direction as it showing on the photo.

How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - Third step

Keep going straight for 100 meters, you will pass Grand Millenium and Atana Hotels.

How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - Fourth step

The road will turn right. Keep going 70 meters more, you will reach Capitol Tower.

How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - Fifth step

Go to 1st floor, room 101. Room & Bed numbers you will find in your confirmation.

How to find Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai - Finish step

Sleep well, you just arrived at
BackPacker 16 Hostel in Dubai


Awesome backpackers hostel in Dubai! It was luck that I found this place and stayed there. Swimming pool, GYM, Sauna and Steam room on the last floor of the hostel. Really comfortable beds, matrasses and pillows. There tons of bars and restaurants nearby. There is a grocery shop in the next building. Wifi works well in the hostel. Its was very clean, neat and I felt quite safe. I will definitely stay in this hostel again when I'll come back to Dubai.


Staff in the hostel was so friendly and helpfull. Brand new furniture, clean room and personal lockers. I liked it! Swimming pool was out of this world!!! It open air pool on the roof on 18th floor! Thats was awesome! I spent one day on a desert safari tour. For sure I had a great time here, I meet nice people in the hostel who showed me Dubai. I would recommend this hostel in Dubai for my friends who will visit Dubai.


Comfortable hostel to stay if you came to Dubai to fing a job or you are already working here. Wifi was great and location very good. Metro station just few minutes away. Every day cleaning. Bed linens and towel were provided. Cool additional options like swimming pool and GYM. There is free parking outside of the hostel. Probably the best hostel in Dubai to stay if you are on a budget. Recommend!


Budget travelers
63 reviews

Business travelers
47 reviews


Dubai Marina nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Dubai Marina

One of the most beautiful areas in Dubai. There are a lot of beautiful cars, bars, skyscrapers and yachts. From our hostel in Dubai you can reach Marina by metro, it just a next station. You can see this beauty even from your room!

The Palm Jumeirah nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah

It is the biggest hand made island in the world with a lot of interesting places! Must see! You can walk from our Dubai hostel to the monorail station where you will take a train to the Palm. Dont forget to visit Atlantis hotel ovethere.

Dubai Creek nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Dubai Creek

One of the oldest areas in Dubai. Its historical center of the city. There are old souks, local markets, beatiful boats and a lot of street food. From BackPacker 16 Hostel Dubai you can reach this place if you'll take a train to Al Fahidi station.

Burj Khalifa nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world based not far away from our hostel in Dubai. You can see it even from the window. But the best way is to go there. From Dubai Internet City station take a train to Burj Khalifa. 15 minutes and you will be there!

Burj Al Arab nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Burj Al Arab

There is only one 7 star hotel in the world! And it is in Dubai! Everything there made out of gold. From our hostel in Dubai you can reach this place by taxi. It will not be very expensive because its pretty close. Unfortanitely there is no way to go there by public transport.

Desert Safari nearby Backpacker 16 hostel Dubai

Desert Safari

One of the most popular tours in United Arab Emirates is desert safari. You can join us everyday! We have a camp in desert where we will get dinner, shisha and drinks. There are camel riding, sand boarding, belly dance shows etc. Ask the staff of the hostel to book desert safari tour in Dubai.


What are the check in and check out times?

Check in is from 2 PM and check out is until 12.00 PM. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Early check-in from 8 AM till 2 PM and late check-out from 12 PM till 6 PM are possible upon request. The charge is about the half of the daily rate.

People of what nationalities are staying at the hostel?

We are open to people of all nations coming to our place.

Are there separate rooms for men and women?

We have men, women and mixed rooms.

Are there any additional hidden charges?

There are no extra fees. Access to the swimming pool, gym, sauna and steam room is included in the price. To rent a bed space you need to make a one-time payment and leave a security deposit.

Is smoking and drinking alcohol allowed in the hostel?

Smoking is allowed only in special places outside the building. Drinking alcohol in the UAE is permitted only in places like bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol inside the room!

Is there a car parking available?

There are free parking places outside and inside the building.

How many times can I use swimming pool, gym and sauna?

All our guests get unlimited access to the facilities mentioned. You can use them every day till 10 PM.

Is there a breakfast included?

We provide the guests with breakfast for additional charge (around 4$). Also you can use a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator, cups, plates, utensils, etc.


We are a steadily growing company providing affordable accommodation of high standard in the United Arab Emirates. The owners of hostels are passionate hostel-lovers who have put a lot of effort and time creating a friendly and affordable place to stay for people from all over the world. This initial concept has become the mission of the company and it remains relevant and significant for every member of the team. We believe that hostels are not just about having a place to sleep and keep the luggage; it is also about meeting people, exchanging cultures and discovering the world. At the same time, we are striving to provide high-quality service for a low cost. That makes people from almost every country in the world choose us on their trip to the UAE. We are open to everyone who shares these ideas with us, no matter what nationality, political views or religion. We are glad for an opportunity to create amazing memories and unforgettable hostel experience for every guest.

Hundreds of positive reviews from guests inspire the entire team to be strongly motivated, improving the service and enjoying the work we are doing every day.

Our principles:

  • High standards in safety
  • Primary attention to cleanliness
  • Openness towards all ages, nationalities and religions
  • Emphasis on social interactions
  • Fostering corporate culture within the company
  • Reliance on feedback for improvement

BACKPACKER DUBAI HOSTELS group is a successful member of the UAE hospitality industry. Come and see it for yourself!

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